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Watch a Vulture Compilation of Cross-Dressing Reveals

It was revealed last night on HBO’s Hung that male escort Ray Drecker (played by real-life former homeless free-sandwich recipient Thomas Jane) is fake engaged to a new client who is actually transgender — not exactly something his gigolo duties call for, as he understands them. Ray’s pimp tells him the news, but having already participated in certain adult activities with client Kayla, Ray doesn’t confront her until she is called “Dan” at her twentieth high school reunion. This got us thinking about all the different ways directors reveal that a lady is so not a lady, and vice versa (whether the plot is focusing on serious transgender issues or merely a bit of cross-dressing for comedic effect). Most notably, there’s the Dramatic Wig Removal (going all the way back to Some Like It Hot and Tootsie), the Whoops! You caught me peeing! (Mrs. Doubtfire), and, of course, the Full-Frontal Face-Off (The Crying Game, The Hangover Part II). See those and more in our montage right here. (Be warned, it’s NSFW.)

Vulture Supercut: Cross-Dressing Reveals