Watch an Extended Trailer for Diane Keaton’s New Memoir, Then Again

Diane Keaton’s Then Again, out tomorrow, is a memoir of both Diane and her mother, Dorothy Hall, framed with many excerpts from the latter’s extensive journals. The book has already made a small splash for its Woody Allen gossip, but as the below trailer indicates, there are plenty more charming anecdotes to come. Take, for example, Keaton’s ode to the Salvation Army: “That was where I got the idea of men’s hats. I put it on my head and I go, ‘Uh huh, alright, now we’re talking.’” Or her thoughts on screen make-outs: “When I started kissing in the movies, that was, about, the greatest thing that ever happened.” She also dishes on Jack Nicholson and Reds, and there’s some hat modeling for good measure. Check out the full, delightful trailer below.

Watch an Extended Trailer for Diane Keaton’s Memoir