A Louis C.K. Week in Comedy

- This week, Louis C.K. released his new special on his website, which turned out to be a huge success. Plus he did a whole bunch of cool interviews, including one on Leno and an awesome Reddit AMA, in which he mentioned that he’d make a movie if we could just raise him $8 million. You think he’ll take a check?

- We want to know what you think is the best sitcom episode of all time.

- We kept things going, holiday-special-wise, with Parks & Rec’s “Christmas Scandal,” 30 Rock, Tiny Toons Adventures, the Star Wars Holiday Special, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

- Oh, baby, it’s a monologue from NY construction worker Larry Newsom.

- We checked out the uncomfortable talk show appearances of Charles Grodin.

- We studied Weird Al’s weird mean streak.

- We examined Tracy Morgan’s time on SNL.

- We spoke with standup Myq Kaplan about performing every night and the lure of Hollywood.

- We reviewed the stupendous, writerly, unnamed 1997 SNL book.

- We ventured into the bleak world of Danish humor.

- Do we like Garfield? Do we hate him? Who knows? Lasagna.

- We rapped on the funniest Childish Gambino lyrics.

- Hola, lost roles of Three Amigos. Buenas noches.

- We reviewed the darkly comic Young Adult.

- We watched the legendary Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler Letterman episode.

- We listened to those mix CD’s we made back in ‘02.

And the winners for Top Five Web Comedy Video of the Week are…

The Real Housewives of South Boston - Christmas Special

Shit Girls Say

Wedding Date

Ted & Gracie: The Fight

I Wanna Have Your Baby: Silky Bibs

A Louis C.K. Week in Comedy