7 Things That Bane Sounds Like in The Dark Knight Rises

This week’s double whammy of trailers for The Dark Knight Rises – one a several-minute IMAX glimpse of the film’s opening scene, the other a trailer that made its way online yesterday – have given us plenty of things to talk about when it comes to Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie. Still, there’s one curious aspect of the film that is dominating fan chatter above all else: the voice of Bane (Tom Hardy), the movie’s new masked villain. Plenty of ink has already been spilled on how Hardy’s muffled dialogue is near-unintelligible, but we were more surprised by the voice he’s adopted to play the character: Sure, Bane is a giant, hulking wrestler-type with a shaved head and a fearsome countenance, but his accent is so enjoyably fruity and bemused! The regular trailer only includes one line from Bane, but the IMAX prologue contains several more, and in case you haven’t been able to catch that yet, Vulture’s gone ahead and picked out several Bane soundalikes. Put these all in a blender and you’ll have something close to Batman’s new foe.

Mr Belvedere:

A New York City subway operator:

Scar from The Lion King:

Elisha Cuthbert from the Halloween episode of Happy Endings:

That short film about what English sounds like to non-speakers:

Rupert Everett in drag:

Half-speed Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs:

7 Things That Bane Sounds Like in The Dark Knight Rises