Comedy Central Goes on a Shopping Spree with Three New Comedy Script Orders

Comedy Central just got its allowance and immediately ran to the TV show store and ordered a slew of script orders for potential new shows, even though Viacom keeps telling it to save up because the whole reason they give it an allowance is so that it will learn financial responsibility and didn’t it read that copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad they left on the stairs and what are they gonna do when their parent company isn’t around to buy them groceries?

The live-action project is Upstate, a half-hour sitcom about “two guys who return to the summer town of their youth and live like they are sixteen again,” starring and executive produced by the UCB’s Jon Gabrus and Justin Tyler. There are also two animated scripts in the works: Grubstein & Grubstein (about “two twenty-something brothers who inherit a Brooklyn brownstone filled with oddball tenants”) and Gajillionaires (about…gajillionaires). Comedy Central better make these three last a long time, because no way is Viacom giving them an advance on next month’s allowance just for them to blow it on gum and comic books!

Comedy Central Goes on a Shopping Spree with Three New […]