Tom Hardy Apparently Unintelligible in The Dark Knight Rises

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t come out until July, but Batman fans and Christopher Nolan devotees have been eagerly gobbling up every little morsel of news, every “viral” marketing pitch, and every leaked photo. After years of anticipation and speculation, last night in L.A. Nolan finally screened about seven minutes of footage from the film’s opening heist sequence, and one thing became abundantly clear: This movie is going to be hard to understand, and Bane the supervillian (Tom Hardy) is going to be why.

“[P]repare to scratch your head at much of Bane’s dialogue,” warns EW. ” … Between the character’s labored breathing and quasi-English accent, [Bane] was impossible to understand,” says the Daily Beast. “A lot of key dialogue, particularly that of Bane, who speaks via a mask, was unintelligible,” complains the Hollywood Reporter. “While I believe Nolan’s goal is to make it hard to understand everything Bane says, it really felt like I only picked up about 10 percent of what he said,” admits a writer for Hitfix. And according to Movieweb, “You can’t understand anything he is saying.”

Nolan has just started editing the movie, but this could prove to be the, yes, bane of his existence. As if Christian Bale’s gravel-grumble wasn’t hard enough to decipher.

Tom Hardy Apparently Unintelligible in The Dark Knight Rises