Edgar Wright Is Working on a Movie That’s ‘Kind of Like a Musical’

Edgar Wright says his next film is “kind of like a musical” and also “slightly a departure.” Cool, that clears up approximately nothing. Here are some loglines I’ve narrowed it down to, under the framework of this plentiful new information:

- Musicalmost: it’s like a musical, but every time the characters are about to break into song, they don’t

- a super-serious, non-musical biopic about Winston Churchill’s albino second cousin Rodney Churchill

- a traditional Broadway musical about anthropomorphized weather phenomenon. The scene where El Niño meets the Santa Ana winds is…stormy (hey-o!!)

- PUNk: a hard-rock opera about the underground music scene in early 70s London that also uses a lot of clever wordplay

- a sequel to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Edgar Wright Is Working on a Movie That’s ‘Kind of […]