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Last Night on Late Night: Ellie Kemper Admitted She’s a Bad Romance Actress on 21 Jump Street

Last night on Conan, Ellie Kemper, admittedly a bad romance actress on both 21 Jump Street and The Office, shared her secret to playing the role: pretending fact is fiction. Plus: Lea Michele listed her three New Year’s superstitions: wearing red for love, eating exactly twelve grapes, and imbibing a wish scrawled on a burning piece of paper, a practice she has discontinued for health reasons; Russell Brand made a startling discovery about American college life during his stand-up comedy tour — it’s neither Social Network nor Animal House, but an abundant brothel of generous sororities; and Jessica Biel might have to bury some people in her avalanche emergency training class. Watch our compilation to see what you missed. 

Ellie Kemper Is a Bad Romance Actress on 21 Jump Street