The Justin Bieber Cool Initiative Takes a Giant, Steampunk Leap Backwards

For reasons beyond understanding (though very likely tied to the song’s placement on the Arthur Christmas soundtrack), Justin Bieber and Co. saw fit to release two videos for his Jackson 5–inspired “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” The first, which dropped a few weeks back, featured a bobbleheaded cartoon Bieber palling around with elves, and it was cute enough.  The second, meanwhile, features real-life Justin Bieber — with a do that keeps inching closer to a faux-hawx, an electronic vest, and one animatronic glove — palling around with creepy living toys in Santa’s Space Workshop. It’s … odd, and we’ll go on record as stating that Steampunk is not a great look for worldwide heartthrob and aspiring rap star Justin Bieber. The little Newsies dance break is great, though. Newsies never fails.

Here’s Justin Bieber’s Steampunk Christmas Video