Ice Cube Opines on Architecture, the Difference Between ‘Bougie and Gangsta Traffic’

Ice Cube - Eames

Were you aware that Ice Cube spent a year studying architecture back in 1988? If not, the New York Times has a delightful Q&A with the rapper about his time at the drafting board, along with a video of Ice Cube touring the Eames House in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades. (The video is in conjunction with a Getty Institute exhibit on postwar art in Southern California.) Among the many enjoyable insights are Ice Cube’s assessment of the Eames design approach (“They was doing mash-ups before mash-ups even existed”); his design-as-life philosophy (“What I learned from architectural drafting is that everything has to have a plan to work. You can’t just wing it. I can’t get all the materials I need for a house and just start building. Whether it’s a career, family, life — you have to plan it out.”); and, of course, the aforementioned freeway breakdown. “Each freeway has its own personality. The 405: bougie traffic. The 110: that’s gangsta traffic right there. There’s a difference. You gotta know where you at.”

Ice Cube Opines on Architecture