Joan Rivers Praises an Obscure Up-and-Comer Named Louis C.K.

I guess when you’re Joan Rivers, even wildly successful standups who’ve been performing for 25 years are just “starting out.” Rivers pays tribute to Louis C.K., who’s been named GQ’s latest Man of the Year, with some bleak but solid advice:

Your chosen life’s work, comedy, is a steaming shithole of cruelty and degeneracy owned and operated by deranged, unattractive thieves. Ignore them. Push forward. Play by your rules and KEEP GOING. Wear blinders if necessary, but KEEP GOING. Don’t let other people tell you what’s funny. Don’t read your reviews— the bad ones hurt too much and the good ones make you weak. It’s all about ego and the moment you start to think you’re wonderful, it’s over—you’ve peaked.

Weirdly inspiring for a quote that starts with the phrase “steaming shithole”! Louis C.K. might not need this advice, but it’s a good reminder for the rest of us. Thanks, Joan.

Joan Rivers Praises an Obscure Up-and-Comer Named […]