Disney Artwork, Oz Costumes, and Other Hollywood Treasures Set for Auction This Week

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this upcoming week, Profiles in History is holding one of the largest auctions of Hollywood artifacts ever, with over 1,800 lots. A quick scan of the full list unearthed a few treasures, including a Mama Cass Elliot–signed LP (starting at $400), original artwork from Disney’s Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty (in the low thousands), and even uniforms from Star Trek: Voyager (starting at $15,000). Bigger ticket items include a whole slew of goodies from Wizard of Oz, including Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers (starting at $2 million), and the Back to the Future III Delorean time machine (starting at $400,000). A real bargain: the Central Perk couch from Friends, starting at just $4,000.

Major Auction of Hollywood Treasures This Week