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Media Basically Throwing Britney Spears a Party

Photo: Max Morse/2011 Getty Images

The circle is complete: Four years and ten and a half months after Britney Spears’s trainwrecky, self-induced baldness, the newly 30-year-old, recently reengaged, resurgently successful singer was dubbed one of the Five Happiest Celebs of 2011. The Chicago Sun-Times published the list, and it wasn’t the first spot to be notably happy for Brit in the tail end of 2011. Consider the Britney Spears party that has flowered in the media in the past couple weeks alone:

Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield gave “How I Roll,” from Britney’s sixth record, Femme Fatale, his No. 1 spot on the Top 25 Songs of 2011, lauding it as “fiendishly inventive.”
• CNN opined Britney had been “due for a turnabout” in 2011 and exemplified her as a “tarnished celeb” who “reinvented” herself.
• MTV, at least obliquely, credited Britney with launching dubstep’s 2011-winning popularity. (They also filmed her a super-sweet happy birthday.)
• MSN (the Australian version, anyway) got Kevin Federline to express joy for Britney’s new engagement — a true feat, as K-Fed is ever reluctant to abandon his long-cultivated monopoly on douchiness.
• Vulture also wished Britney a hearty congrats on her new engagement. Which we never do!

Stick with the not-shaving-your-head thing, Britney. It’s working.

Media Basically Throwing Britney Spears a Party