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Megaupload Ready to Defend Its Awesome Video With Actual Lawsuits

Late last Friday, when the perplexing and highly pleasing video for the file-sharing site made its way onto the Internet, Vulture expressed some doubt that had enough cash to cover its many celebrity endorsements. (Kanye West, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys,, and many other people who presumably have some stake in not having their music traded illegally over the Internet were all featured in the video. Also, Kim Kardashian.) At least one large record company thought the same: Universal Music Group almost immediately filed a copyright claim on YouTube ( and Macy Gray, whose vocals are used in the Megaupload jingle, are both Universal artists), and the video was taken down. But Megaupload is fighting back with actual lawsuit threats! “Mega owns everything in this video,” the site’s founder Kim Dotcom (really) told Torrentfreak. “And we have signed agreements with every featured artist for this campaign.” Featured is probably going to end up being a key word in this legal action, but in the meantime, Vulture supports any effort that will keep the “M-E-G-A” song on YouTube. We can’t get it out of our heads.


Megaupload Ready to Defend Its Awesome Video