Paula Pell, Lauryn Kahn, and Jay Baruchel Named Screenwriters to Watch

She’s so much more than Pete’s sleepy wife on 30 Rock! SNL writer Paula Pell has been named one of Variety’s Screenwriters to Watch. She’s done punch-up work on Bridesmaids and Judd Apatow’s upcoming This Is Forty, so she’s already basically the silent ninja of screenwriting, and next year Tina Fey will produce Pell’s own script based on her teenage journals.

Lauryn Kahn was also named a writer to watch, no surprise after selling a script to Adam McKay from her assistant’s chair. And so was Jay Baruchel and his writing partner Jesse Cabot for their work on Goon and the upcoming Baseballissimo, which frankly has such an amazing title the entire script could be different characters repeating it over and over. “Baseballissimo! Baseballissimo?” “Eh, baseballissimo.”

Paula Pell, Lauryn Kahn, and Jay Baruchel Named […]