Splitsider and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Have a Horrifyingly Tacky Christmas Sweater to Give You

Nothing says “Merry Christmas, family!” like wearing a very ugly, very tacky sweater featuring a snowman with a carrot-and-coal penis (modeled above by handsome Fallon blogger Josh Lay). Let your parents know that they didn’t raise you quite right by wearing this wonderful piece of poor taste to the holiday dinner table! Our friends over at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon have been giving away similarly terrible sweaters this month as part of their “12 Days of Christmas Sweaters,” but they ended up with some extras and were nice enough to offer this specimen of wrongness to us. And we want to give it to one of you!

So if you want it, it’s simple. Just leave a comment below detailing the worst present you either gave or received. We’ll pick the best, most entertaining entry and then NBC will whisk your new favorite sweater your way. If you’re signing in to comment using Facebook or Twitter, just be sure to leave some way of getting in touch with you if you win in your comment. If you have a Splitsider account, no need to do that.

To get you extra excited, here are some of the other sweaters Fallon has been giving away, all equally terrible:

Splitsider and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Have a […]