Table41 Media Kit, by Daniel McGillivray

Bon Soir!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Table41 - a weekly e-column dedicated to dining alone. Since its July 2007 launch Table41 has been the Kansas City Metro Area’s only newsletter aimed at solitary eaters. Every Thursday afternoon (when we serve up the latest Table41) our 8,000 subscribers have a standing reservation for FUN!

Each issue is packed with the freshest buzz about great bistros, coping with loneliness, and trendy bars. Our insightful yet sassy coverage of KC’s burgeoning restaurant scene will help your brand stand out in today’s crowded market place. We’re confident that you’ll see the coverage, design, and enthusiasm of our publication as a competitive edge.

Right this way!

Table41 knows that engaging content is the pièce de résistance. Here’s a sampling of our recent features:

· Bang/Buck – Upcoming Deals and Specials

· Gastropubs: Dining Alone at Bars without TV

· Is it Normally this Loud? Sound Design, Restaurants, & You

· Pretending to Wait for Someone

· How to Avoid your Ex-Wife and Co-Workers

· Looking Deep in Thought: How Much is Too Much?

· African Food – Worth It?

· Hide your tears behind one of the Kansas City’s 5 Biggest Burgers

· …And our weekly Readers’ Poll

So Many Cooks in the Kitchen!

Seated around Table41 is our team of top contributors. The content team has been dining alone for a combined 89 years, and we’ve managed to snag fantastic talent for each section. Restaurant critic Jaime Charles, former Assistant Editor at a certain Condé Nast food publication, receives press coverage just for visiting KC’s best boîtes (most recently for his July 4th visit to Gates BBQ*). If you’d like to promote your restaurant, we’re happy to dispatch Mr. Charles, though we make no promises regarding the content of his review. Michele Watson, sommelier-in-residence, knows more about the Midwestern terroir than any other – She can pair any of your latest vintages with salmon and quinoa for one.

Dining alone is still daunting for many of our readers. Our restaurant coverage is supplemented with wide-ranging info presenting innumerable opportunities for advertisers.

Book tour bringing you through town? The Table41 Book Review will have your novel convincing waiters that lonely eaters are intelligent and comfortable as they avoid making eye-contact.

Launching a new smart phone app? The era of smart phones means it’s never been easier to look occupied – let our tech guru make yours the app which is so engrossing that dining alone isn’t so heartbreaking.

Whether it’s your company’s sweatpants worn from the couch to the restaurant or using your sport coat to make it look like a dining companion is in the bathroom (and will be right back!), our monthly style section gives your clothing line a boost!

Take the guess work out of marketing your business to an audience that could really use some attention!

(*Police Blotter, Kansas City Star, 7/5/2011)

Who’s Hungry?

The Table41 readership is:

- 59% female (Mainly “Soccer Moms,” though we have the fierce loyalty of “Divorce Dads”)

- More likely to purchase frozen meals/red wine/1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles in bulk

- Almost terrifyingly involved in social media and internet commentary

- Full of disposable income they’re definitely not spending on loved ones

- Hyper-specific – no one outside the KC region or with much personality could use this information

- Ready to start dating again. Soon. Maybe in a month. Or two. Yeah, three months

- A food/culture tastemaker (but they keep to themselves mostly)

- College educated

Your Table Awaits!

We’re a proven partner – here’s what other sponsors are saying:

“Our dining room has a really strange set up, and we always end up with a handful of tables for one. After advertising with Table41 my restaurants are so full of lonely diners I’ve started sawing tables in half!” – Michael St. Pierre, Owner of La Famille Bouchard and 3 area Chili’s franchises

“What fantastic results! Our divorce practice caseload is the biggest it’s ever been.” – Johnson Cordell, Bryant & Cordell Family Law

“Amazing!” – Doug West, KC Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline

“We’ve never had such magnificent response from advertising. It’s been months since we’ve had to put down an adorable animal.” – Darcy Keebler, Greater KC Pet Adoption


Our readership has your message (and a fleeting notion of companionship) delivered directly to their inbox. For no additional cost your ad is stored in our archived editions which are saved on the Table41 website. We offer sponsorship options, branded giveaways, and custom content packages to help our readers feel personally connected with something, anything, including your brand. Reach out to a member of our ad sales team today!

Dan McGillivray is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn and working throughout the city. He’s on twitter as @danmcgillivray.

The Humor Section features a piece of original humor writing each week. To submit to it, send an email to Becca O’Neal.

Table41 Media Kit, by Daniel McGillivray