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Ten Underappreciated Shows to Binge On Now That the TV Season Is Over

Reaper, Sleeper Cell Photo: Showtime,The CW

The end of the fall TV season is typically met with some sadness: Reruns are no one’s friend, and the stunt programming is usually so awful that it’s worse than watching nothing. But crisis equals opportunity! Now that the regular season is over, your evenings are free to binge on the entire run of those late, lamented shows that you kept meaning to watch but never quite did. Sure, there are the usual suspects (Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars) that are part of many a TV fan’s “someday” pile (get on that, pal), but there are also the shows that are no less worthy of a TV bender despite the fact that nobody’s asking for a movie version. We’ve assembled ten unsung heroes and undercover gems, the smaller and stranger short-run shows that you never quite got around to watching but that are just crying out to be plowed through over the next three or so weeks: It’s about time. All these shows are available to stream legally from various sources, and most are available on DVD, too.

Ten Underappreciated Shows to Binge On During Rerun Weeks