This Erotic Stefon/Seth Meyers Fan Fiction Will Drastically Change the Tone of Your Tuesday

Erotic Stefon fan fiction: it exists. And it will make you very, very, very uncomfortable. I made it to the part where Stefon was tonguing Seth Meyers’ nipples before I had to stop, and then I kept reading the whole thing because I am disgusting. Anyway, I love how even someone who is out of touch with reality enough to spend a substantial amount of time fantasizing about Stefon and Seth Meyers’ sexual relationship agrees that Stefon’s Ed Hardy shirt is hideous. That may well be the one thing binding all of humanity. Here’s a taste of what you’re in for, if you can take it:

He twined his arm around Seth, hooking it around his waist. “Aren’t you having fun, Seth Meyers?”Seth turned his head, found his face pressing into Stefon’s side and was surprised to feel comforted by the odd man’s proximity. “This is… a lot to take in, Stefon.”“Awww.” Seth let his lips curve against Stefon’s shirt, breathing in the other man’s scent. Stefon smelled… surprisingly normal, surprisingly comforting. Old Spice, Seth realized and stifled a laugh against his ugly shirt. Stefon used Old Spice. He looked up to ask why and was startled again, this time by the intensity of his gaze. “Stefon won’t let anything happen to you, Seth Meyers.”Seth blushed, could feel the color heating his cheeks, warming the tips of his ears. And he has no idea what possessed him to reach up and curl his fingers into the collar of Stefon’s shirt, dragging him down so their lips collided. Usually the kisses were Stefon’s fault. A stolen peck on the cheek followed by “I’m so proud; look what I just did!” smiles and smug look towards the audience. There had been one or two lip to lip encounters, but those were all Stefon’s fault too. Appearing out of nowhere backstage and grabbing Seth’s face and jerking him close - damn, there was some strength in those skinny-looking arms.


This Erotic Stefon/Seth Meyers Fan Fiction Will […]