‘Fireball’ Video: Willow and Nicki Minaj Throw a Sparsely Attended Block Party

We should state upfront that the lack of attendance at Willow’s Hype Williams–directed street shindig is not the youngest Smith’s fault — she’s the fireball of the party, okay? It says so right in the song. Vulture will therefore assume (having never attended such a party ourselves) that any gathering involving a ball of flaming gases gets uncomfortably hot or has limited capacity owing to space issues or whatever, and so that’s why Willow is jamming out on a giant avenue with only, like, ten of her friends. Admittedly, those ten friends are dancing hard, and so is Willow, who appears to have borrowed a few dance moves and some patterned leggings from Robyn. (Her makeup hails from The Hunger Games.) A rainbow-mukluked Nicki rolls up briefly to make scary faces at the camera in her pink wig, but Willow runs this show. This is what life-threatening masses of fire do.

Watch Willow Smith and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Fireball’ Video