A Forward-Looking Week in Comedy

- We presented ten of the funniest unaired SNL sketches.

- We interviewed Carrie Brownstein (and then looked up the words “auspices” and “stentorian”).

- We stocked our cabinets for a winter full of great movies and TV shows.

- We stepped back to examine this season of SNL at its midway point.

- We wondered if single-episode sitcom stars can ever recover.

- We liked “we hated hipster jokes before it was cool” jokes before they were cool.

- We cheered on SNL’s one-season wonders.

- We conducted a statistical analysis of the introduction to WTF with Marc Maron.

- We looked into the future of the Facebook Timeline.

- We gave a girlish smile to Sarah Silverman’s SNL contributions.

- We weighed the pros and cons of watching Showtime’s House of Lies.

- We fell asleep with the TV on thinking about the lost late night hosts.

- We checked the Late Night with David Letterman book out of the library.

- We revisited the Arrested Development Paley Center panel.

Here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week!:

Rooftop Slip n’ Slide


Chris Gethard vs. Tucker Max

Oscars Trailer: Off the Grid

Very Mary-Kate: Presentation 4

A Forward-Looking Week in Comedy