A Genuine Original Week in Comedy

- Shit Comedy Websites Say: “We analyzed the Shit X Says meme 50 days later.”

- We smiled genuinely at Letterman’s most sincere moments with his guests.

- After Hermphen Cainbert did poorly in South Carolina, he decided to reclaim his Super Pac - that is, if Jon Stewart will return it.

- We wondered why SXSW doesn’t pay comedians.

- We invited you to share in a special occasion.

- We reviewed the Portlandia live tour.

- We traced the legacy of Ernie Kovacs through the work of Conan O’Brien.

- We spoke to Artie Lange about his comeback to comedy.

- We looked back on Dennis Miller’s contributions to SNL.

- We remembered all those other 90’s sketch shows we’d forgotten.

- We guessed the identity of Ted’s next and kajillionth date.

- We looked into the comedy situation down in Cuba.

- We pondered the lost projects of Harold Ramis.

- We checked out the tiny late-night seedling that bloomed into The Daily Show.

Your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week are:

The Kiss

Romney Negs America

We Bought a Jail

Wings of a Dragon (with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman)

Callista Gingrich on Open Marriage

A Genuine Original Week in Comedy