Adult Swim Has Started Production on a Groundbreakingly Zany Talk Show

Adult Swim has started production on what they’re calling “he most manic and unorthodox late night talk show ever made.” The Eric Andre Show will be hosted by…comic Eric Andre, along with his co-host Mr. Hannibal Burress. Here’s a description:

Taking place on a dingy public-access TV channel within an alternate reality, The Eric Andre Show creates its own distorted pop culture universe by conducting interviews with an unpredictable mix of actual celebrities, “fake” celebrities and extreme real-life weirdos. These interviews are broken up with deranged man-on-the-street segments, surreal flashes of inexplicable studio chaos, talk show desk-pieces and the general deconstruction of late night’s most beloved tropes in every quarter hour episode.

Awesome, now we don’t ever have to try dropping acid to know what it feels like to totally trip out. No word on when the show will air, but get ready for some craAaAaAziness when it does. And maybe some flashbacks to Vietnam.

Adult Swim Has Started Production on a […]