Alec Baldwin Reveals That Jonah Hill And Justin Bieber Are Hosting SNL Soon

Lorne Michaels is the guest on Alec Baldwin’s Here The Thing podcast this week (which if you haven’t listened to yet, what are you doing reading this because it is exactly the type of thing you would like) and on it, Baldwin runs down a list of this season’s SNL guests and, intentionally or not, reveals two yet to be announced hosts: Jonah Hill and Justin Bieber.

Jonah Hill has hosted before, back in March 2008, but skinny Jonah Hill has not. Over/under three jokes about this?

But who cares about that old nerd anyway? The Biebs, who was the musical guest for the April 10th, 2010 show, is coming back to host AND perform as the musical guest. Call your nieces and have them apply Zs to their OMGs. What do you think his hair will be like? What sneakers will he perform in? Do you think he’ll get payback on Miley Cyrus?  I bet he’ll play against type — do you think he’ll play against type!?

Since this was not an official announcement, no dates have been confirmed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start warming up your shrieking muscles.

Alec Baldwin Reveals That Jonah Hill And Justin Bieber […]