Dane Cook’s Response to the Twitter Complaints About His Last Set

Here’s what Dane Cook had to say after T.J. Miller and other comics publicized their non-enjoyment of his recent standup set on Twitter:

“I’m back in the stand up octagon after a year off. I’m deeply inspired by various artists I admire. Certainly my friend and one of the great ones Patrice O’Neal passing away has fortified my belief that we, as comedians, all need to share and explore our souls up there — and sometimes our perspective on the whimsical minutia — in order to grow as artists and people.”“I’ve always felt that comedians can’t be critics,” Cook added, referencing the fact that so many fellow comics had things to say. “They can be critical onstage, but it’s impossible to be both an artist and a critic.”“That said, I’m thinking T.J. Miller, the A.V. Club and I go on a road trip this weekend. I know a terrific spa in Ojai,” referencing the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. “Hydrating facials, doubles tennis and a killer 50-minute Expectant Mother’s Massage. My treat. Since I’m really quite rich.”

Well, okay. Now we wait and see if T.J. Miller accepts the invitation and they go on an eye-opening road trip that starts with them hating each other but gradually, through a series of adventures and run-ins with the hard-assed police officer who’s on their tail (played by Nick Offerman), they come to respect and even - dare I say? - love each other, and hold hands as they rev their 1966 Thunderbird convertible into the Grand Canyon.

Dane Cook’s Response to the Twitter Complaints About […]