Eddie Pepitone on Twitter, Podcasts, and the Pressure to Be Non-Frivolous

Eddie Pepitone may be getting popular as a web video comic star and a podcast host, but also an experienced comedian who’s just now releasing his first album. He talks in this interview about finding his own emotional standup style, and his hypothesis on the implications of the rise of the podcast:

I think what it means is that people got sick of setup-punchline bullshit. It’s much more interesting to hear people talk about their lives. I think comedians are self-compelled to “be funny” all the time, and it turns out that comedians are pretty fuckin’ interesting, and people dig hearing them in more of a long-form format.

Pepitone also speaks to his dislike of Twitter as a megaphone for frivolity, to the point where he’ll sarcastically respond to Kyle Kinane’s Tweet about Fiji water not fitting in a cupholder and then feel near-immediate remorse. Another warrior trapped in the ancient struggle to be funny but also influence people for good. More importantly, though, what’s up with that square bottle, Fiji water? You’re telling us we have to HOLD a water bottle in our HANDS? Who do you think we are, DOGS? GOD.

Eddie Pepitone on Twitter, Podcasts, and the Pressure […]