Here’s Your First Real-Deal Glimpse at the South Park RPG

The announcement that a big-time South Park RPG is currently under development at Obsidian Studios was like catnip for a very specific type of nerd, one whose Venn Diagram of obsessions contains both comedy and video games. You will actually get to control what will look almost exactly like an episode of South Park! You will be able to select “Jew” as your user class (a “paladin/monk type character”) and then attack a roving pack of gingers with a golf club! And now we get to see the first screenshots of actual gameplay, and lordy does it look just like the show.

The studio also created its own dynamic lip-syncing tool so that script changes could easily be incorporated into the game. Furthermore, they were supplied with 15 years worth of art assets and a style guide indicating the correct colours and texture to use.

You can see some more screenshots over at the Guardian, along with some fresh-ish details on the game play, such as: South Park: The Game is due to be released in the second half of this year.

Here’s Your First Real-Deal Glimpse at the South Park […]