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Last Night on Late Night: Jay Leno Ruffled Madonna’s Feathers

Last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Madonna, apprehensive about her Super Bowl halftime show — “the most nerve-wracking thing” she has ever done — promised “no nipples.” And when the subject turned to the worst auditions she has attended, she became super-touchy, pouting, crossing her arms, and revealing that she had made a voodoo doll of one director in particular. Plus: Maya Rudolph has been consoling her girlfriend and owner of the golden retriever that dug up the severed body parts in Hollywood Hills; Jennifer Lopez momentarily crumbled while discussing her divorce from Marc Anthony; and Glenn Close and Jimmy Fallon took turns getting ugly movie magic makeovers. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Jay Leno Ruffled Madonna’s Feathers