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The Title of Mad Men’s Season Premiere Is ‘A Little Kiss’

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men Photo: AMC/Courtesy shot

Mad Men’s two-hour season premiere is titled “A Little Kiss,” TV Guide reports. Who’s kissing whom, and who’s the judge of what constitutes “little”? Unclear! Mad Men episodes don’t follow a specific naming convention, but overall, the titles tend to refer both to something literal in the episode and to something figurative in the characters’ arcs. Last season’s finale “Tomorrowand” alludes to the actual attraction at Disneyland as well as Don’s perhaps artificially optimistic view of the future; “The Suitcase” finds Don and Peggy working on a Samsonite campaign but also confronting their, for lack of a better term, baggage; “Nixon vs. Kennedy” covers the election and the ideological and sociological divides the election represents. Maybe the title alludes somehow to Peggy’s “basket of kisses,” her first stroke of advertising brilliance, or maybe —  maybe — it means something completely different, and there’s truly no way of knowing until we all see the episode on March 25.


Mad Men’s Season Premiere: ‘A Little Kiss’