‘Mr. Wrong’ Video No. 2: Drake Found Time to Stand by a Brick Wall

When Mary J. Blige dropped the original video for “Mr. Wrong,” her My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act I) collaboration with one Aubrey Graham, Vulture had a number of questions. Had Mary J. just uncovered a nineties time-capsule filled with music video footage, we wondered, and also, does it count as pole-dancing when you just shimmy with your back to the pole? But the most important question, was, of course, where is Drake? Presumably, Drizzy was too busy making his face float around the Golden Gate Bridge and missed the video shoot, but he has since rectified the situation — meaning we, the lucky public, are now treated to a second “Mr. Wrong” video. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that it is exactly the same as the first video, except that Drake is now on hand for 45 seconds of concerned rapping in front of a brick wall, but maybe you missed it the first time? Also, there are some lasers on the brick wall.

Mary J. Blige’s Second ‘Mr. Wrong’ Video: Drake Is Here!