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Patton Oswalt’s Wonderful Oscar Snub Response

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Patton Oswalt did not get nominated for an Oscar this morning, and he responded in the most fun way possible: By creating a fantasy world on Twitter in which fellow snub-ees rent out Legoland, among other activities. “Join me for a drink at The Drawing Room, @AlbertBrooks? Me and Serkis have been here since 6am,” it started. The rest of the story, all addressed to Albert Brooks, is as follows:

See you later tonight. Might be out of booze – Serkis has Pogues on the jukebox & Fassbender just showed up in a pirate hat.

Oh shit – we’re DEFINITELY going to run out of booze. Charlize & Tilda just pulled up in a stolen police car.

Dude, GET DOWN HERE. Gosling is doing keg stands and Olsen & Dunst LITERALLY just emerged from a shower of rose petals.

Nolte & Plummer just drove past, mooning us. Serkis & Tilda are signing “Is There Life on Mars?”

Oops – Von Trier just pulled up in a pass van dressed as Goering. “Let’s go to Legoland!” With a boozy hurrah, we’re out!

Oh. My. God. Just pulled up to Legoland. DiCaprio’s rented the park for the day. Dibs on the Duplo Gardens! #andscene

What wouldn’t you give to watch an Andy Serkis and Tilda Swinton duet of “Life on Mars”?

Patton Oswalt’s Wonderful Oscar Snub Response