Rashida Jones on Celeste and Jesse Forever and If She’ll Write a Parks Script

Rashida Jones and Will McCormack are totally Armisen-Brownsteining it, world. (That’s shorthand for “being a cool platonic man-woman best friend writing team.”) First they dated, then they broke up, then they wrote Celeste and Jesse Forever, and then they did this interview about it, describing it “sort of as an Apatow movie, but for a girl.” I plan to start chanting “this year’s Bridesmaids” over and over for ten minutes every hour on the hour, gradually getting louder and louder until the trailer comes out.

Plus, now that she’s got all this writing street cred, it sounds like only a matter of time before Rashida Jones joins the Parks & Rec cast members in writing her own episode. (Writing street cred is very hard to come by and usually involves a messy combination of turtlenecks, sadness and using the bathroom at Starbucks.)

Rashida Jones on Celeste and Jesse Forever and If […]