Rob Is Fiercely Battling Work It for the Title of ‘TV’s Worst New Show’

It would be very easy to get caught up in the fuss about Work It being horrible and lose sight of what’s really important: talking about Rob being horrible. But what is easy is not always right. Especially when what is easy is making stereotypical ethnic jokes at the expense of one-dimensional characters.

In fact, Rob’s handling of ethnicity and minority culture makes the stereotype-rich 2 Broke Girls appear culturally sensitive by comparison. Putting aside the multicamera format—a perennial CBS favorite—and the painful laugh track, Rob seems more like a parody of a sitcom than an actual comedy that’s been ordered to series, one that the studio and the network have spent money on to develop, produce, market, and promote. Opposites attract, even when they come from different ethnic backgrounds, Rob seems to shrilly scream at the top of its lungs.

Not a great review, and the show doesn’t even premiere till tomorrow night. There are so many more hyperbolically scathing reviews in our future, friends! You bring the Schadenfreude Champagne; I’ll make the Vicarious Thrills Veggie Casserole.

Rob Is Fiercely Battling Work It for the Title of […]