There Might Seriously Be an Office Spinoff About Dwight and His Beet Farm

The entertainment world was flabbergasted, befuddled and awestruck last night to hear of the proposed Dwight-centric Office spinoff conceived by Rainn Wilson and Paul Lieberstein. The show would focus on the Schrute family beet farm and B&B (which will be re-introduced to audiences in an Office episode later this season), and we could be watching Dwight’s antics for a full half hour as early as midseason 2013.

Any predications? Dwight’s an extreme, sometimes cartoonish character - he’s excellent at livening up the realism of The Office, but could the character carry an entire show? It worked for Frasier when he spun off from Cheers. Plus, the last time higher-ups at The Office produced a spin-off, things turned out pretty okay. So I’m inclined to say they know what they’re doing. Beets for all!

There Might Seriously Be an Office Spinoff About […]