Things I Want to Do to IFC’s Two New Comedies

IFC just announced two new comedies: a Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style game show hosted by Kurt Braunohler and a Comedy Bang! Bang! talk show based on the podcast. Here are some things I would do to these two shows:

- hold them up to each other like plastic dolls and push their show-lips together really hard so it’s like they’re passionately French kissing.

- coat them in the dust that comes off my fingernails when I use an Emery board and also tiny bits of my skin and hair so they are cozy forever in a soft blanket made of my DNA.

- hug them so hard that my arms rip through them and they collapse into pile of guts and bones, then bury my head in the pile of guts and bones so I don’t have to look at anyone or anything that isn’t these two shows, but hold my nose while I’m doing it ‘cause it probably smells not great.


Things I Want to Do to IFC’s Two New Comedies