Trade Roundup: Anger Management, White Van Man, Almost Vacant

Shawnee Smith has joined the cast of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, which is mostly unsettling because it is a reminder that there is a show out there called Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management.

ABC has ordered a pilot for White Van Man, a single-camera sitcom based on a British show about “a man who is forced to put his dreams on hold in order to take over the family handyman business from his father.” It’ll be written by Raising Hope writer Bobby Bowman. Do you think the title means that the van is white, or the man is white, or both?

Comedy Central joins the pilot-ordering party with Almost Vacant, a new show about “the misadventures of two inept friends…as they work at a low-end budget hotel in upper New York.” The concept and script come from Canadian actors Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods, who’ll also star. A comedy about a near-empty hotel, eh? Maybe it’ll be like that recut version of The Shining.

Trade Roundup: Anger Management, White Van Man, Almost […]