A Party-Worthy Week in Comedy

- The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament has reached a white-hot crescendo with the FINAL FOUR. Community. Fawlty Towers. The Simpsons. Arrested Development. Who has your vote?

- We gave you the world’s first Stefon-inspired art show.

- Well, well, well, look who’s coming back on March 15. (Community is!)

- Did Bridesmaids deserve its Best Picture snub?

- We do not support A Part Thai’d Restaurant.

- We went inside The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

- We remembered Robert Downey Jr.’s time on SNL.

- 30 Rock has gone soft, and America can’t decide if we like it.

- We spoke with expat Louis Zezeran about the comedy scene in Estonia.

- We turned another page in the Everything Is Terrible tour journal.

- Wherefore art thou, lost projects of David Wain?

- We campaigned for more realistic treatment of campaigns in political comedies.

- We brought you inside the Home Movies DVD commentary.

- We watched a fiery Richard Pryor appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

First things last, your Top Five Comedy Web Videos of the Week:

Racist Jeremy Lin Headline Aftermath

Cormac McCarthy Pictionary

Oscar Party Drinking Game

K-Swiss Blades by Kenny Powers

The Post Office Is Getting Desperate

A Party-Worthy Week in Comedy