A Romantic Week in Comedy

- The Elite Eight is here. Next week these eight episodes are gonna STRAIGHT UP THROW DOWN. Get ready.

- We wrote a Valentine to Annie Hall.

- We critiqued the most hyped anniversary episodes of The Simpsons.

- So was Funny People funny? People?

- We are a Female Body Inspector.

- We taught you even more about Doug.

- We looked back on Melanie Hutsell’s time on SNL.

- We uncovered the history of the British Secret Policeman’s Ball.

- Bill Murray lost even more roles! That guy needs to be more organized.

- We watched the most saucy outtakes from Groucho Marx’s You Bet Your Life.

- What’s up with people who “Like” things on Facebook?

We love you, Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Batshit Crazy Acting Teacher

HJ Gloves

Student Loan STD’s

I Wanna Have Your Baby: FAQ’s #3

Black on Black

A Romantic Week in Comedy