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Last Night on Late Night: A Blond-Bobbed Don Cheadle Squirted Mousse at an Audience Member

Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Don Cheadle played a blond-bobbed futuristic hairstylist for the screechy “Let Us Play with Your Look” sketch. But, diverging from predecessors Alec Baldwin and Drew Barrymore, Cheadle squirted mousse all over his victim’s hair. Plus: Betty White has been playing the same poker game for 50 years, and she’s not happy about losing an inflation-exempt $5; Joan Rivers recounted the time she and Nicole Kidman dressed as mustard and ketchup, respectively; and Khloe Kardashian blames all six feet, ten inches of Lamar Odom for breaking their sex swing on Khloe and Lamar. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Don Cheadle Squirted Mousse at Audience Member