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Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter Says Paz Could Be Back

Terence Winter, 2012 WRITERS GUILD AWARDS’ East Coast Ceremony
Photo: ANDREW TOTH/Patrick McMullan

Boardwalk Empire’s showrunner Terence Winter says Paz de la Huerta could be back on the show down the road. Vulture caught up with Winter at the WGA’s East Coast awards ceremony last night, where he told us that Lucy could theoretically reappear — she just won’t be a regular next season. “On The Sopranos, too, we had so many people that came and went, sometimes you wouldn’t see somebody for an entire season, and they popped back,” he said. “As long as you’re not dead on the show, you can always come back. Even if you are [dead]! Dreams, flashbacks, anything can happen.”

Winter also told us that the third season will definitely include more stories from Cicero and Chicago. “Cicero in [1924] became the headquarters of Al Capone,” Winter said, “and [Michael Shannon’s] Van Alden has a way of getting himself into interesting situations.”

Paz de la Huerta Could Return on Boardwalk