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Last Night on Late Night: Brad Pitt on How the Oscars Should Be Judged

Last night on The Daily Show, Brad Pitt suggested one method of judging the Oscars that would literally put the decision in the hands of the contenders. It would be more of a, uh, test of endurance. Plus: David Letterman blasted Brad Pitt for refusing to answer his calls and appear on his show despite all his efforts to promote Pitt’s Oscar-nominated Moneyball; he had even set aside $120 for Brad to personally pick up. And with his loyal friend Howard Stern as his special guest on his 30th anniversary show, Letterman also took the time to mimic Jay Leno and, with all the bad blood in the air, confirmed that, yes, he is still in therapy; Vanessa Hudgens revealed that her foot tattoo is fake — “Because when you write on yourself, it’s, like, not as much of a commitment”; and a devil frog spooked the bejesus out of Conan. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Brad Pitt on How the Oscars Should Be Judged