Comedy Central’s Getting Into the Book Publishing Business

Looks like Comedy Central has taken their recent survey on youth’s love of comedy (plus the success of books by Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) to heart. They’ve launched Comedy Central Books, a publishing imprint that will feature literary spin-offs of the networks shows and other projects from new talent.

The first title is a “holiday themed novelty book” from Denis Leary to be released in October, which Leary says is based on his 2005 standup special Merry Fuckin’ Christmas. “Sorry for the delay but I was a tad busy with Rescue Me, two teenaged kids, two Red Sox World Series victories, the 17th Boston Celtic NBA championship, the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup and online porn,” said Leary. “Mostly the porn.” That’s fair. We should all be so dedicated to our hobbies.

Comedy Central’s Getting Into the Book Publishing […]