Delocated Recap: ‘Midnight Munchingtons’

The thing about Delocated is that even when it’s not firing on all cylinders, it’s still one of the funniest shows on television. Last night’s episode, “Midnight Munchingtons,” was a prime example.

In terms of story arc, not a whole lot happens. No appearances by the Mirminskys, no David, and no murders. Sigh. The episode opens with “Jon” waking up to find a half-eaten sandwich in his bed. Fearing the worst, “Jon” and TB assume one of the Mirminskys dropped into “Jon’s” loft by helicopter and left behind the evidence as a scare tactic.

“Jon’s” life coach The Glaze, who gets considerable screen time this episode, suspects “Jon” is suffering from stress-induced Nocturnal Eating Syndrome (NES) and made the food himself. Panicked, “Jon” once again enlists the help of the Wang Cho street gang and upgrades his level of protection from “goldfish” to “dragon,” which costs an extra $100K and gives “Jon” access to Wang Cho’s day spa.

We soon learn that “Jon” was in fact sleepwalking all along, but with his sleepwalking comes a preternatural ability to cook gourmet food while unconscious. A “Midnight Munchingtons” reality show ensues, and soon “Jon” is preparing Norwegian Benedict in front of live studio audience while in a deep slumber.

A send up of reality cooking shows isn’t the most inspired idea, but as is Delocated’s penchant, they take that premise to such absurd levels that you can’t help from laughing. “Jon” is cool as a cucumber when he’s asleep preparing gourmet food in the middle of the night, and even attracts a comely groupie, Marlo (Arden Myrin). We get a hilarious montage of their whirlwind romance, complete with a scene where Marlo introduces asleep “Jon” to her elderly parents in the middle of the night — a genius sight gag. The episode gets by on other sight gags as well, including the painting “Jon” has above his bed of a trucker hat with a woman on it and the word “Cool” written underneath it.

Again, “Midnight Munchkins” doesn’t really go anywhere, but you realize it doesn’t need to when you can just watch “Jon” be an idiot for a half hour.

Story-wise, it will be interesting to see how everything unfolds with “Jon’s” relationship with Wang Cho. On the one hand the gang is obviously extorting him, but at the same time they are providing quality protection and service. In last week’s episode, Wang Cho leader Qi-Qang comes out of nowhere to save “Jon” from being executed by Pavel Mirminsky. It’s a funny dichotomy. We had a similar situation in last night’s episode when Wang Cho decides to build a day spa in their warehouse (between the flagellation and execution rooms) to cater to “Jon’s” wishes.

It also provided the episode’s best line, though delivered via subtitle. After hearing Qi-Qang discuss the blueprints for the day spa, Wang Cho’s elder leader asks, “Which room will offer handjobs?”

Doesn’t get better than that.

Delocated Recap: ‘Midnight Munchingtons’