Key and Peele on Key and Peele, and Also the Cultural Power of the Dick Joke

We’ve heard from the director of Key and Peele, now to hear from the writers and stars. Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele talked in this interview about approaching comedy from between the worlds of black and white culture, impersonating Obama, and most importantly, dick and poop jokes. Says Key:

I learned at Second City years ago that there’s really not much to be done about the fact that we still live in this intrinsic, puritanical society. And when you say poop, people laugh. And the reason they laugh? Because they’re not allowed to talk about it. It’s such a powerful thing. Everybody goes to their office every day and there’s these rules they have to follow, and I’m telling you, if you do an improv show — doesn’t matter if it’s in the Netherlands or Chicago — guaranteed, you say, “Can I have a non-geographical location as a suggestion, please?” And someone will scream out, “Pussy.” No matter what. It’s just in us to go, “Oh, the forbidden fruit!”

Side note: if poop were literally a forbidden fruit, it would be the worst fruit ever. Straight-up the worst thing you could put in a fruit salad. Oh God. I’m sorry for even bringing that image up.

Key and Peele on Key and Peele, and Also the Cultural […]