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Let’s Overanalyze This 30 Seconds of New Hunger Games Footage! [Updated]

It’s a tradition older than the Puppy Bowl that blockbuster movies will debut exciting new footage during Super Bowl commercials, but we have reached the point in the promotional frenzy at which Super Bowl teasers get their own teasers. To wit: this brief clip from Entertainment Tonight, which includes, at the very end, a tantalizing half-minute of scenes from The Hunger Games. The spot does not really match the OG trailer in terms of drama (and we apologize for that voice-over, though there’s nothing we could do), but still, it’s new Hunger Games material! So what can we learn? Blue is a great color on Stanley Tucci, who remains awesome. Peeta is still stuck with clunky, emo dialogue like, “If I’m gonna die, I still want to be me.” The Capitol borrowed some of its architectural vision from Monticello, it looks like. And Katniss will be doing a lot of moony, terrified gazing into Gale’s bad-boy eyes. Team Gale, how are you feeling right now? Update: Lionsgate pulled the ET clip, but below is the second trailer! It is essentially the same as the ET clip, but without the voiceover or Peeta talking about his feelings.

Let’s Overanalyze The New Hunger Games Trailer!