SNL Is Looking to Add New Castmembers, Held Auditions This Week in NYC

It looks like SNL is looking to add a couple new castmembers to the lineup for the first time in two seasons, as they’ve started holding auditions in New York for potential performers. Earlier this week at The PIT, about a dozen people auditioned for Lorne Michaels, Seth Meyers, and other producers of the show. The lineup included local performers from major NYC theaters such as UCB as well as folks flown in from Chicago and LA.

The timing makes sense: SNL just passed this season’s halfway mark, when contracts are up to be renewed (which is why Paul Brittain left when he did). And with at least a few members of the old guard of the show expected to be departing at the end of this season, such as Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis, it would make sense for them to bring one or two new people on this season to ease the transition.

The show has added plenty of castmembers mid-season before, including current SNLer Bobby Moynihan. Since you’ve gotta make it pretty far into the process to get the live-in-front-of-Lorne audition, we may be hearing about a new performer or two in the very near future. They’ll be the first new players added to the lineup since September of 2010, when the current crop of Featured Players (and Paul Brittain) were hired.

SNL Is Looking to Add New Castmembers, Held Auditions […]