This Jon Glaser Interview Is Physically Painful But Not for the Reason You Think

It begins as just another interview with Jon Glaser of Delocated, who drinks some beers with paper wings and talks about the benefits of writing and performing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Once Glaser gets into the limitations of playing a character whose face is concealed and how season 3 will see Jon training to go pro as a basketball player, however, his charming anecdotes about his son are all but impossible to pay attention to because the interviewer is simultaneously getting a tattoo of an ambiguously angry pheasant. I want an interview with this interviewer. Possible questions: How were you still asking questions and not grimacing in pain? Do you regret the tattoo? Would you say you and your pheasant are in fact buddies? Did you get promoted for doing this?

This Jon Glaser Interview Is Physically Painful But […]