Tracy Morgan Wants to Take Benihana Behind the Middle School and Get it Pregnant

Here is one sample quotation from this slideshow about how much Tracy Morgan likes Benihana:

So, when they first closed for renovations, Morgan says he was pissed off: “Nobody told me! I had to put in a call to the front office.” How desperate did the situation get? So desperate that, at one point, he went to the chain’s Long Island branch to get his hibachi fix.”It’s not as noisy. It’s not as exciting … This is the Benihana on 56th Street in Manhattan. It is going down. Everybody comes here. L.L. comes here, Busta comes here. The Rock comes here. Everybody comes to this Benihana.”

It is difficult to express how excellent the rest of the article and slideshow are, but I urge you to read them for yourself. Now. Otherwise I’ll just keep quoting pieces of it. “Benihana means a lot to me. In a world where we’re so disconnected from each other because of social media…” Go! Read this now!

Tracy Morgan Wants to Take Benihana Behind the Middle […]