Twitter Advice From Champions of the 140 Character Count

Where the most relatable creative ambition was once to write the Great American Novel, it is now to maintain the Great American Twitter Feed. And who better to give advice on how to tweet comedically than the Fitzgeralds and Hemingways of Twitter? Here’s a sample tip from Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer Bill Corbett:

Try to understand the short form, and be playful within it. Not everything needs to read like a classic “premise, punchline” joke…But understand that tastes vary wildly. Not everyone will think you’re hilarious, and some dicks will make sure to tell you so. Don’t worry about it.

Quick, before he gets away, let’s all go huddle up around him, Rob Delaney, Josh Hara, Jake Fogelnest, Megan Amram, Jen Statsky, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Mary Charlene, Travis Helwig, and Andy Borowitz and try to absorb some of their talent. Or at least some of their followers. Can I get a RT?

Twitter Advice From Champions of the 140 Character […]