The Vow, Safe House Lead Record-Breaking Weekend Box Office

Still from The Vow

Channing Tatum’s romancing of Rachel McAdams in The Vow is doing better than even the more optimistic expectations, bringing in $41 million in what is turning out to be the highest-grossing weekend in a long while. (Also, the biggest non-holiday weekend in February ever.) In close second was Denzel Washington’s spy pic Safe House, with $39 million. Journey 2, where The Rock fights off giant lizard in 3-D, pulled in a surprisingly strong $27 million, while fourth place went to the rereleased (in 3D) Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace. As Deadline’s Nikke Finke sighed in her habitual roundup: “I for one am relieved not to have to write the word ‘slump.’” [Deadline]

The Vow Leads Record-Breaking Weekend Box Office